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Adam Jenson

Adam: he's this guy, you know?

As soon as I learned one could record themselves by hitting play and record at the same time on the Sony boom-box I taped a 'radio show' of sorts. My brother joined in from time to time and we made whole shows, complete with commericals for fantasy products. I was 11. At 15 or so I put my stereo system speakers into the windows of my bedroom and "DJ'd" music to my neighborhood.

I first was able to do actual radio at college in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where I eventually became general manager of the station. I came to Ireland in 2007 and continued to do programs on Trinity FM in Dublin. Since then, I have since continued to be involved in DIY radio of one sort or another.

I am proud to be working on Ultimate Radio Experience; my goal remains to entertain listeners by playing the best music I am aware of. I also enjoy interacting with the audience- please feel free to send me a message when my show, The Dispatch is live on URE!


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If you want to get in touch, then you can either email me at: craig@ultimateradioexperience.com or tweet me: @craig_hicks